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Happy Birthday, Alexis. We've have not meet face-to-face yet, but reading your oddly compelling blog has become a regular habit of mine.

I don't know if that makes me a "fan" or what.

Perhaps "well wisher" is the right word for it.

Anyway, congratulations on making it 28 times around the sun with us at a steady pace of 19 miles per second. In honor of the occasion, please allow me to offer the following traditional Irish toast:

"On the day of your death, may you be buried in a casket made from the wood of a 100-year old oak... which I shall plant tomorrow morning."


Thank you for the birthday wishes!


Did you have the guacamole? It has become a bad habit of mine before every lagoon or uptown theater visit to have some.

Avocados are such a guilty pleasure.


No guac on the brunch menu, no. I suppose we could've ordered a side of it. I just started going to Bar Abilene again recently. I discovered the black bean/goat cheese pot thing and I can't get enough of it. Especially when you pile on the salsa roja and tableside guacamole.

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