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The "Arc Valu Village" is over priced, I agree - but they have a good selection and an over priced item at a thrift store is often less cost then a new item. They have great kids clothing there - and toys. You probably weren't in the market for these things like I am and that is probably why you missed them at Valu Thrift (just like how I missed the heals - I don't own any - just chucks - I guess I am stuck in my old ways).
I donated a car to the DAV, they take ANYTHING - and they do housecalls - just call them up and ask them to take away your junk (remember, it's someone else's treasure), or look for one of those "we'll be in your neighborhood on this date" mailings.
There is a great Thrift store out by New Prague called "Sharing Hands Thrift Store," But Andrew and I call it "the worlds greatest thrift store." it is one of those heaps upon heaps of stuff places. You need to be in the mood for it, but if you are - it's a lot of fun. It is especially great for books. Another thrift store that is nice is called "CHAP Thrift" - it is off of HWY 13 in Burnsville - it is by Shooters. Both CHAP and HANDS are Christian run, and ARC Village is run by volunteers (did you know).
My favorate place in St. Paul is The "Mall of St. Paul" - it is a antique store on the corner of Selby and Fairview - they are great for furniture, art and gifts. They also have a good collection of light fixtures. AND they have always come down on their prices.

Hope I have given you some good ideas (even though you didn't ask).



Absolutely. Thanks for all the information!

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