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Sorry for commenting so frequently BUT, I enjoy your blog. Anyways - the two grocery stores closest to me are Byerlys and Rainbow and I prefer the rainbow. Our Rainbow was just remodeled to look like a byerlys and I shop on weekday mornings (not much traffic). The produce section, candy counter, deli and bakery always have samples (which Eleanor loves and it enables my trips go go more smoothly - I am sure all parents love this feature) and the bakery has bread and pastry samples. I too, shop the farmers market every week during the summer - it is not a shock to me that you eat so many veggies - Debbi is your mom. well, I am going to stop going on so much. I do need to say that you are such a hipster - you are even a grocery store snob. Peggy says that we are music snobs - and maybe so - there are so many hipsters these days - you are oober hipster Alexis. I guess that I am mommy hipster - mommy snob. but I don't snob other moms, just like I am sure you don't snob us Rainbow shoppers. I kindof think that Rainbow is the mommy snob place to shop anyways - if you catch my drift - mommy snobs clip coupons and only buy our buffalo burger and specialty cheeses from Byerlys in order to save money.

ahh, law student husband is screaming ar me to stop typing - he can't concentrate - so BYE>

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