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Scott McGerik

Yes, what is it about Edina such that it is a restaurant wasteland? The residents of Edina have enough wealth to afford good restaurants.

And love. :)


Beats the hell out of me. An ex-boyfriend of mine was from Edina. His parents' favorite restaurant was TJ's, and they ate there nearly every night. If you've never been to TJ's (which wouldn't surprise me), it's like bad cafeteria food in a Perkins atmosphere. That pit should be leveled and replaced with something of Vincent or Solera quality. The residents would love it. That particular neighborhood is too far away from both the 5oth & France and Southdale areas, and there really is nothing else around.


The Wired article suggests that real estate agents keep purchase prices artificially low. Excuse me while I don't shed any tears for the sellers who've seen huge capital gains in recent years. My shopping experience is the opposite: The mortgage industry and the appraisers have conspired to use low interest rates and the greater availability of funds to keep prices artificially high.

And can anyone name a suburb that isn't a restaurant wasteland? What, Maple Grove?


I'd agree with that. The low interest rates are certainly exploited by the mortgage industry.

Edina's kind of a weird phenomenon, though. An established suburb for decades, with notoriously affluent residents.

Some of the best Thai and Italian food I've had has been from suburban strip mall restaurants.


Also, Edina has been a shopping destination for years and years, to residents and non-residents alike. Hand-in-hand.

Scott McGerik

West St Paul is not a complete wasteland. Beirut Restaurant, Los Cabos, El Taquito, and Tamalandia all reside in West St Paul. While they are not fine dining, they are good.
Lilydale, that spit of a suburb, has Osteria I Nonni/Buon Giorno.
I find Edina odd because it is affluent.


Tejas was my favorite restaurant when I was a little girl. It always meant a trip downtown with my mom's friends, blue corn chips (which blew my mind in 1989) and Shirley Temples. Bliss.

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