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Challah is the hip new bread, I think. Einstein Bagels serves half of their sandwiches on challah. Maybe it's a kabbalah fad tie in?


I live in Lowertown, so I was thrilled to have a new restaurant in my neighborhood when Loto opened. But I happened to go there twice this week for various get togethers, and they have some pretty serious issues to work on if they want to be successful. The service right now is clumsy, bordering on awful. The runner who brings food to the table shouldn't stand there with the plates and shout, "Who gets the rigatoni?" Our server last night never came by to see if we wanted new drinks. It took FOREVER for her to ask if we wanted the check.

I also agree with you on the noise thing. Last night we were positively screaming at each other to be heard. And the food, so far, is just eh. The gnocci tasted like something from a Stouffer's package. Last night I got the chicken sandwich, which was horribly dry. When I asked the server if they had any mayo, she told me they were out. If I were a meaner person, I would have told her to have someone from the kitchen run across the street to the convenience store, which was open. The seafoood bisque had no discernable taste of seafood.

Anyhow, I rant too long. Loto is a great IDEA. Hopefully David Fhima and company can refine things and make this the kind of neighborhood place the neighbors will actually want to return to.

The Gust

I work in Galtier Plaza, and remember its glory days when it was a mall. Needless to say, I was thrilled that they were able to snag something new to bring back life to this beautiful building.

During the first few weeks I noticed many snags in the service and the way the food was done. However, they slowly seem to be working themselves out. Certain things bugged me slightly... I had to go find ketchup for my fries in the dining section, there is no clearly labeled entrance from inside Galtier, the food court next door was almost completely shut off from the rest of the building as a result of LoTo taking up the old Galtier Mears Park entrance, service was slow, etc.

I've noticed that David Fhima himself has actually been around there a lot lately, and things seem to have improved dramatically. I just hope that this place can breath life once again into Galtier Plaza.

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