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Scott McGerik

I've yet to visit Stella's but yours is the second review I have heard in which complaints were expressed. This worries me.
The complaint I heard was that they were paying fine dining prices in a restaurant with less-than-fine-dining decor. When I mentioned that Tonic used to look pretty good, the response was that when Stella's renovated the place, they took it down three notches.
However, I heard that the raw oysters were good.


Oh, it's atrocious. Go see for yourself.

Black Java

I asked for Crown and they gave me Vodka. Whatta ya gonna do. Nice patio, odd beer selection.


Appreciated the review. We are headed to Stella's tomorrow night with another family. Guess I'll advise my pasta-eating daughter to avoid the cheese ravioli! I'll let you know what we think!



Going to Stella's this week. Thanks for the review!


The roof patio of Stella's is awesome, but that's all I'll give it credit for. We ordered the Tuna salad to share, yet they didn't provide us with another plate in order to share it. Service was lacking, rude even. But I'd go again in order to sit on the roof patio-you won't find that anywhere else in Uptown.


I have been to stella's 4 times and every time has been exceptional food and service. Thanks for the review.

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