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single malt shortage. three terrible words that should not be uttered in polite company. pity we don't have access to half of the good single malts in the united states. i'll console myself that we get sun tanned singles instead. i'll just stock up on glenlivet cellar's and perhaps dip a toe into something indecently expensive. any suggestions?

ps, inbetween rounding up the kangaroos and chucking shrimp on the barbeque, i think australians would generally agree that bill clinton was a standup bloke. sure he got up to hanky panky in the oval office - but who wouldn't? the fact that he confessed to not having done it with someone better than lewinsky on national telivision ..and then getting away with it all - thats a commendable effort.

the real danger to america would be his wife. a woman who swallows her anger after lewinsky does similar with her husband and then behind closed doors trades retribution for a senate seat and possible presidency? thats dangerous, and probably another concept that shouldn't be discussed in polite company.

cheers =)

Marcel Dickerson

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