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Keep it... You look smashing in it...


Damn Alexis you look HOT!! I mean, you always look hot, you deserve it!

Scott McGerik

Wow! You certainly would catch my eye with that dress!


J. Lindeberg cream colored suit...today...yum!


Hate to say it, but you and your sister are absolutely right about it being too dressy for the reunion.

...Unless you find PERFECT shoes for it, in which case you can just be over-dressed and show everybody up... but if that's the case, your date should probably be pretty sharp-dressed as well. (I would be happy to volunteer for it if you're dateless and need a man for an "arm accessory." I can shine up pretty good when I need to.)

The right shoes for that dress are probably really going to set you back, too. Good luck solving your wardrobe dilemma. It's a tough one.


Since you look so good in that dress, and I really do mean that, add a third occasion, by having Mr BigBucks take you out.


your date should probably be pretty sharp-dressed as well.

I refuse to subject him to the reunion.


Found you via cupcake. Can we be long-lost sisters? My closet is filled with buyer's remorse!

Joan Rivers

Get rid of it. It makes your ass look fat.

Danielle Lenae

You look stunning!!!

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