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The 'Sconnie run was totally worth it, despite the fact that I had social drama after dinner and fell asleep with a full beer on my bedside table.

Hoot hoot hoot!


Hoot hoot!

(It's a roommate thing.)


> It was Sunday, we needed beer

Can you explain that? Are you telling me they don't sell beer in Minnesota on Sunday?


Correct. Liquor stores are open Mon-Sat here. Most of them are only open until 8:00pm Mon-Thurs, then 'til 10:00pm Fri-Sat. You can only buy liquor, wine, and regular beer at liquor stores. 3.2 beer (that is, beer with only 3.2% alcohol content) can be purchased at most grocery stores and gas stations every day. Here's a little FAQ from City Pages regarding the archaic MN liquor laws.


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