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Why do Minneapolis scenesters* like Mark Mallman so much?

I think you're missing a word: suck? rock? have cooties?


He is a hipster idol. All he needs is the perfect hipster accessory.

Like this one from the best of CL.


Danielle Lenae

I went to high school with his sister.
He played at the talent show there too. Hahaha.


i think it's half to do with his position on the cutting edge of hipster hair, and half with his unironic/ironic publicity stunts (Moby cover, anyone?)

if you figure out a deeper reason, let me know. i'm still annoyed at the guy for spending a whole week claiming my neighborhood bar in the name of suck.


Why not? He puts on a great show and does lots of extreme marketing, you gotta respect the guy for his onstage antics and following hes built up. Despite the fact his songs all remind you of classic covers (that you can't quite place), he's a nice guy, great local fun, a must see for any SCENESTER!
Local Hipster.com

Rock n Roll Star aka Steve


That's an excellent question! I don't quite get it as well... You should ask the same question about "Har Mar Superstar" (ex-localite, now resides in London, England), who's playing here Saturday for the Pizza Luce' block party. I think he poses the same problem, which is, the music is just not that great...

Eager Owl

Words that can't exit the english language fast enough:

"ster" for that matter


I don't think he's bad. I like a few of his songs 'cos they sound kind the cute end of the '70s, when music started not to suck. Like the Elton John side of things. However, old pictures I saw of him gave him the expression of certain bullies I encountered in middle school, so I thought he was pretty hypocritical. I have to conclude that I don't perceive him at all. I'm told that he's a marketing genius, however, selling cuddle pillows with his logo on them. You have to admit that's pretty noteworthy.


Maybe its the hipsters you are giving too much credit to. Its Mark's job to play what Mark wants, its the hipsters job to be discerning, but they can't be discerning because they are preoccupied with non-stop act of being hip. In short, you put a band up on stage, and if people think they should like it, then by magic happenstance all the hipsters end up liking it!

Too much credit to hipsters.




So... You are a Personal Shopper.
How very.
This makes you an expert on music I guess?

You have taken all your Experience, from "hanging out in a mall or department store", and become a lackey for someone with more money than you.
...so you... "shop, professionally?"

You go girl!

Oh, and I guess your "part-time fashion merchandiser" job has equipped you with the witty repartee you exhibit in your "scathing" commentary on a local musician who happens to have a solid following.
Maybe you should start a band, then people with even less talent than you, could bitch about you on their blog.

Oh, and Danielle Lenae, I've never seen you at the Hex... what neighborhood do you supposedly live in?
It's soooo awesome that your bi... no, your not a "hipster" at all.
(Oh yeah, your fucking tattoo sucks too.)


Are you kidding me? Mallman is amazing! I don't have a problem with people that don't like him. Whatever. But the limb you'd have to stand on to publicly dislike him has got to be pretty damn thin. He's a fantastic lyricist and musician.

I'm very sorry for those who cannot understand that.


Geez, Meatwad, calm down. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. And job. And tattoos. And excessive use of quotation marks.


Well, a very big part of the problem here is that you seem to think that there's a particular formula for "hip," which Mark isn't meeting. Which pretty much sums you up in my book.

Still, in the interest of basic education, I'll answer the original question. People like Mark Mallman so much because:

1. There are people who like glam-rock; MISS glam-rock. Not a lot of providers out there, but Mallman does it and he does it RIGHT. Those who would trash-talk the genre will have to take on the whole Bowie legacy -- knock yourselves out.

2. He puts on an awesome (intense, danceable, funny, sometimes theatrical) show. Going to one of Mallman's shows isn't like some bands, where the shows are like listening to your stereo, only with with terrible sound quality. A Mallman show is an experience.

3. Although this part of his act has faded a bit in the past couple years, the fact is that it's totally hot when he straddles his piano, does the pelvis thrust, or any of the rest of his "fuck-me" routine. He still brings in the occasional rose- or panty-throwers.

4. Great lyrics; hot guitarist.

5. Friends in all the right places.

6. And the number one reason people like Mark Mallman: a lot of us just really like his music. You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

(Oh, and BTW, I'm a Minneapolis girl myself, but the notion that St Paul isn't "scene" is totally '90s. Get with the program.)




Well, I'm no English major, but when you are quoting text, I believe quotation marks are de rigueur.

Therefore, the only (as you say) "excessive" use, of quotations would be on the word SCATHING, (supplied by me, as an indication of sarcasm*.)

If you wanna post your cynical personal attacks of specific individuals on your Oh So Cool blog, you might want to prepare yourself for a rebuttal?

In your first post, you managed to belittle Mallman, Minneapolis, St. Paul, AND "scenesters"... you don't think you might ruffle a feather or two?

"Everyone's entitled to their own opinion."
But having an opinion does not equal intelligence, or even knowledge.

So there.


(Also, Danielle Lenae, the Hipster Tattoo comment was inappropriate.
See what happens when Angst is misdirected?)

*Sarcasm is regularly confused with cynicism, which in common use is seen as a fundamental nihilistic attitude toward other people and life in general, whereas sarcasm can also be used to express positive ideas or sentiments.*

*The word comes from the late Latin word, sarcasmus, which, in turn, comes from the Greek sarkasmos, from sarkazein - to bite the lips in rage,- from sarx, sark-, flesh - the root word literally means "to cut a piece of flesh (from the targeted person).

Because it is vocally-oriented, sarcasm can be difficult to grasp in written form and is easily misinterpreted. To prevent this some people end sarcastic comments on the Internet with an emoticon, emphasize words with quotation (e.g. That's "just great"), or surround them with a pretend HTML tag, e.g. or .


I suppose this is a bad time to mention that ATHF sucks, too.

Suck my pajamahole

Why do scenesters even matter? The answer is, because morons like you give them attention


I must insist that the trolling and name-calling stop. Serious insight only, please. All others will be BALEETED!


*whispers* You have to be a lot higher to "get" ATHF.

Todd Wardrope

Well, I haven't seen Mallman in awhile. I can't honestly say that he sucks, but he is an acquired taste which is not for everyone. I really liked his stuff from a few years back. (Eagles Tooth, etc). I don't understand why people like Meatwad get their undies in such a bundle because Alexis doesn't like it. Does he have some stock in Mallman or something? Maybe a silent partner? Invested his student loans into all the Mallman memorabilia he can get his hands on?

I suspect Meatwad is actually Alexis, herself. But that's just me.

I think you should review Melodius Owl to really get things fired up.


Melodious Owl are just too cute for words.


Is that *sarcasm, or do you actually feel that way?


>>I suspect Meatwad is actually Alexis, herself. But that's just me.

Ha! Oh, that's *rich.


You wish.

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