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He doesn't sound especially rageous in this post, but he definitely took your critique hard. Damn. Maybe he had a crush on you.


I do like older men...


I have to say, I busted out "How I Lost My Life and Lived to Tell About It" today (had to look at the cd cover) and, damn, it's good. I wanted to rock out while I did some HTML drone work, but it roped me in and made me sad. So there you go. Also, he's a force of nature and I admire that.


Certainly unique in style and marketing.


Everyone likes Mark because he wears Axe Body Spray, he told me as much in the basement of the Entry last weekend. That, and he's a talented musician, through and through, if you don't mind him writing new Bob Seger songs. I just wish that after seven albums, and all that hard work, he'd be a little "bigger."


The Axe. Of course. Brilliant.

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