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I totally agree with you about Joe's Garage! What a genius line about Bad Waitress. I hate Joe's Garage. I returned three times, hoping it would be better. It never is.

However, I had an awesome meal at JP last week... hangar steak.. and I really like the calamari. So go figure.


I maintain that it's pretty hard to screw up a steak.

Maybe you got different dipping sauce for your calamari!


Fair enough. Steak is fairly simply.

I live in Maple Grove, so perhaps my standards of quality dining is overly influenced by one too many meals at Hoolihan's or Chammps or one of the 8 million generic chain restaurants we have. I need a top ten list of Girl friday approved restaurants.


Oooh... give me some time on that one. I'm still working on an entry about my wonderful dinner at Five.

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