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Scott McGerik
I think it's because I eat out more than the average person.

I suspect something related to that idea is at play, namely, not the frequency but maybe the variety. If the only places I dined at were the Olive Garden and Green Mill, I'd be happy with those places. The problem starts when I visit a restaurant that does something extremely well, because it raises my standards and, implicitly, lowers my perception of any other restaurant that does the same thing. The more often I visit a new or different restaurant, the more likely I will encounter something that raises my standards.

I realized that was at play when I had breakfast at IHOP last year. I ordered eggs benedict which were awful. I considered complaining to the management except I realized IHOP was extremely popular. There was a line out the door that morning. I would be viewed as just a crank. I rhetorically asked Kat, "Don't these people realize they can have better, much better?" Her reply was "No, this and Perkins are the only places they go for breakfast."

Regarding complaining a lot, I have refrained from posting articles about restaurants because I could find nothing positive to say. After awhile, it seems like all I do is complain. Well, when 9 out of 10 restaurants are mediocre at best, what can I say? So, sometimes, I don't say anything so that my blog isn't too heavily weighted toward the negative.


I've gotten better service at Flameburger than I have at Bobino, but yeah, I think you're right.

Not that I don't eat my share of Olive Garden, because I do. Guilty pleasures.


Tasting? I guess so. I'd be more interested in a scotch gulping party.

Actually, it would be fun. I've only really gotten around to maybe twelve or so labels so far. I always kind of waffle back and forth between something new and something I know I like when I buy, which means at least fifty percent of the time I walk out of Top Valu with yet another bottle of Bowmore.


Olive Garden's mushroom alfredo sauce on whole wheat linguini is quite possibly what heaven tastes like.

Scott McGerik

I'd be so up for a Scotch tasting party! Tell me what to bring, I'll bring it.

Of course, if you were to look at my liquor cabinet (yet, I have one of those), you would see much more rum than Scotch. Mmmm, I like rum. I think I'll pour myself a pint right now.


I do not condone drinking a pint of rum!

Scott McGerik

Neither do I! I hurt so bad the following day and I did not get anywhere near to drinking a pint of rum. :(

I'm waiting for your Valentino's story. I've never been there and am curious to hear your opinion and experience.


I realized the beginning of the night is barely a story without my spot-on impression of my friend Tamra. Just know that I hate meatmarket clubs like that, but she wanted me to come out dancing and meet her new boyfriend.

I didn't dance at all because my knee was all screwed up from dumping my friend's motorcycle a few days before, and her boyfriend was... ostentatious, to put it nicely. Mr. Wallet Full of Hundreds invited me back to his place for an after-bar, but I so wasn't in the mood. Also, I live in NE Minneapolis, which is pretty far from Valentino's at 2:00am on a rainy night.

It's bar close (finally). I'm trying to find the valet guy amidst the exodus of clubbers outside so I can get the hell out of there, and I run into one of the guys I'd been talking to inside. He's drunk as hell, being rowdy with a couple of his friends, looking for a ride to aforementioned after party. The guy's wasted; I can't let him drive anywhere. He swears the house is "just down the road" (never, ever believe a drunk person when they say this), so I reluctantly agree to take him and his cronies.

My horribly boring and annoying night pays off when we pull up to the house: He slapped two 20s into my palm and said he'd never forget such a beautiful girl who was so sweet.

Next time I'm sober and awake on a Friday or Saturday night, I think I'll try this again. I'm more entertaining than any taxi driver I've ever encountered. Probably better-looking, too. It's worth every penny to ride in the Stratus!


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