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Have You Seen My Underwear?

That's a children's book, right? In the vein of Where's Waldo? It should be.


Oh, absolutely. It's heavily, heavily illustrated.


OK, here's a children's book then, from the department of variations-on-a-theme. I've looked through the whole thing and it's great for any two-year-old (or the right sort of grownup). The illustrations of animal bottoms are really cute, and endearingly transgressive in their way. I've seen it here and there around town.


(If the link above doesn't work, it's "Bottoms", by Tanja Kirschner)


illustrations of animal bottoms are really cute

Woo, my imagination got away from me for a second there.

Jesse Mullan

Bottoms? I subscribe to that, and it has nothing to do with animals... OH, yours is different. Never mind.

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