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I haven't read Haunted yet, but I have read Lunar Park.
I agree with you that it has emotional intensity to it, but some of it rings false. It's fascinating to see how Ellis mixes ficitonal and real aspects of his life into the novel, but there are times when I could almost hear Ellis' thought process: "Hey, Stephen (King) put himself in the novel...I should do it too."


I was a little disappointed that I never felt the slightest bit of terror reading it. I assume he was trying to spook us, but it doesn't read like a quality ghost story; it's too matter-of-fact. Which, of course, is his writing style.

That said, I really couldn't put it down. I read it five times faster than I read Haunted.


You know, I saw The Belles of Skin City play at the roller derby last month, and they were pretty damn awful. Vicious Vicious is good, though.


Really. The Belles were the best I've seen them yet last night. Excellent set. VV was spectacular, of course.

We arrived too late and missed Tapes 'N Tapes, which was a huge bummer. Stupid 400 Bar and their early set times. I wish I knew who owned that place, I'd give them a piece of my mind. Oh, wait...


Odd, I just ordered Lunar Park.

Sorry I couldn't aid you in the multiple exes evening.


I'm not sure you'll like Lunar Park. It's a pretty bold departure from the other novels, and it seems to be a personal exorcism of sorts for Ellis. MNSpeak's Taylor wrote to me yesterday:

"The most entertaining aspect of Lunar Park is its own worthlessness. It's spent, tiresome, passe and ultimately boring... the only entertaining part of Lunar Park is the recounting of his life in the early pages."

And damn you for failing to aid me. If you'd shown up, we'd have at least tied the old record.


My record is three. So does that mean I was a male slut?

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