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Why boo for Chino? I love their tinga tacos...and I have yet to find a better mojito.


Lisa: I've never been impressed with any of their noodle dishes. And what's with the guacamole? It always tastes funny to me. Also, the dining room is just untolerably, deafeningly loud.

Try the mojitos at Babalu! They're absolutely delicious, and they taste just like the first mojitos I ever had, down in Miami. The food won't disappoint you, either.


Babalu (thumbs up)

Chino (thumbs down)



That whole post cracked me up...It was exactly the same day my best friend and I had except you do a much better job of being thrifty.

Someone told me that one of the upper floor at Neimen Marcus has all their cast offs -- not sure how good the bargains are but might be worth checking out.

Also, have you been to Anemone? I can't find any reviews...


Don't give away secrets like that. ;)


I was actually just on the top floor of Neiman Marcus (don't ask), and they indeed to have a large table of women's accesories that look very marked down.


Oh, and I know it's dreadfully uncool to say, but I'm pro-Chino. I like the drinks, I like the bombast, I like the loudness (of the food, not the restaurant). Too often, MN-cuisine is about subtlety, and Chino is as un-subtle as it gets.


carrie: Ask and you shall receive!

David Newberger

Hey Thxs for the link glad you liked the interview and the fact that DeRusha likes your site. I actually started to come to you site when he mentioned it.


How am I to know DeRusha didn't say "I read daily" and you *added said IT?

Good on ya for the recognition, Chica Viernes. Brandon Braga, DeRusha... who's next? Bated breath over here on GFCelebWatch.


Molly: Alexis learned how to shiftily quote from her appearance on WCCO's news. If I can say that she'll do almost anything for 25 bucks an hour... it's only fair to say, "read [it] daily."

And I've never been put in the same sentence with Brandon Braga. Big day for me.

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