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Silence the Musical




Awesome. I saw the lights on when I passed by on the way home last night, and was going to ask if you'd heard anything.

Of course, the re-opening also happened on a night I have The Boy...


hey, what is the scoop on Stasiu's re-opening?

It just seems like a very short time to be closed. Are their new owners? Did they keep the same staff? What is new about the place besides the remodeling?

What is the story!


i was laughing my ass off before i even clicked on the link to kontraband. holy shit that's funny.


Liquor Depot news.

"If a land sale and possible condo/retail project come to fruition, it will spell the end of Downtown stalwart Liquor Depot as we know it. It will not, however, be the end of the line for the 31-year-old family business at 1010 Washington Ave. S...."

More at:


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