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Ha...that's awesome. I can't tell if he's air-hitting Brian, or if it's more of a what-in-tarnation-is-that-flashy-silver-contraption look.


The guy in the background, Jerry - Doesn't look very happy.
Or perhaps his gum had just lost it's flavor that exact moment in time. His expression is awesome.

The guy with hat looks glad to be there. As would any red blooded American male.

I like your adventures, have you ever given any thought to Video Blogging... maybe every friday do a quick 5 minute weekly round up. I think it could be very entertaining.

Hope you got those two to sign artist release forms.

keep up the great work.


Oh My God!! What a pic! The truth is my shoe lace was untied and I tripped on it! Hence the evil look!
Plus my gum was at the flavorless point.
Sorry Brian!


actually jerry's grabbing my ass and testing for fat. he's struggling!


Poor Bryan. Everyone misspells his name. Is there no justice?


Bryan with a Y. I'll fix that immediately.

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