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I can't speak for Ted Saxon, but Shane Segal would have had a bouffant, whitened teeth, dangling gold jewelry, fake tan, and some sort of electric blue blazer / black jeans / cowboy boot ensemble. Puro Queso. I love it when middle-aged men get into the restaurant / club biz in a vain attempt to regain the coolness they never had. If that place lasts 9 months I will be amazed.


Yeah, I'm just not sure I see a niche for a place like this here. Mr. Middle-aged might be a little out of touch with the clubbing needs of the hip Minneapolite.

Based on your description, that was totally him.


Every time I hear about the Hexagon Bar I think of an episode of Forensic Files on Court TV where a girl was picked up there, raped, and killed.

Have fun!


Waitwaitwait... a bartender who thinks scotch is from Ireland? How the hell did he ever get hired?

Ron Burgundy

I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly...


Hey, we MILFs have to get out too, ya know. I can't sit here knitting afghans every damned night.


I miss Nikki's even more now, reading all that.


Bexley, after last night's conversation, I've concluded that you watch way too much Court TV.


But that's where all the good shows about dead people are!

Actually, it had more to do with all the channels going to paid programming at 2am, while Court TV goes until 4:30.


oh, i totally miss nikki's. especially their brunch on the patio (jungle/rubble) area. since i can see trocadero right outside my window, i can vouch that weeknights are pretty dead. i've been meaning to walk down there for dinner, but definitely not when the "awesome cover band" is on; they look kind of scary/suburbany.

i don't understand all the windows exterior. it'd be find if it was a store, but being able to see through to the coat or control room is kind of, well, aesthetically unpleasing.


Seems to me you think pretty highly of yourself and your self proclaimed ability to tell the people of mpls whats cool, hip, or a bust. Your friend wouldn't have gotten hit on by Shane Segal. Also people that have never seen the weekend action should probably just keep their mouth closed. Go before you talk about it. I have seen the weekends and they are packed. As far as the guy who mentioned looking through the windows and seeing the coat check, get a hold of your gayness. Who cares if you saw a coat, big deal flammer.

Scottie Adelhouse

what do ya mean I can't smoke in the restaurant?


Shane isn't out of any loop...a little bio / short version:

Shane owned the largestfamily owned tobacco wholesaler in these parts of the midwest...besides that, at one point 13 retasil tobacco stores here in MN and 3 in Virginia (Alexandria area/DC)...He also had his own cigars made in Honduras and in the Dominican Republic (Ashe)...these cigars were not others' tobacco with his "tobacco ring"...actually, other companies paid to have there companies "rings" banded to HIS tobacco. He owned several other clubs before this latest club, which were successful, but closed due to a problem with the building/lease...The guy knows personally every heavy hitter from THE REAL LasVegas, more so then you need to know...He has a limo service (or did 5 years ago when I have seen him last)...I ont get into the "finances, just cause it wouldnt be right, but he doesn't play the "talk" game....actually, people think he does brag because he does talk some, but the truth is, he's actually playing down what he has so he could fit in and have fun with everyone, if he showed his true portfolio all your mouths would drop...but he knows when to stop the chatter, he'll never let you know it all...as far as trends, he wrote many, and believe me, many who set trends now used to sadly kiss his ass just to hang with HIM for the night.
The President of General Cigars (La Gloria, Cohiba, Partagas, Macanudo...etc...) and his enterouge from NYC came to visit him one day with Macanudo Golds before they were even "hinted" about to the cigar industry...we were all in my office having a good time smokin up...but these were the type of visiters we would have visit several times a week, actors from hollywood, producers, athletes (many), politicians...etc...they didnt visit for business, but to say hello to a person in a loop most of you couldn't enter just to clean the toilets.
We had a falling out, but it was like 2 brothers that dont wanna talk to eachother anymore, sad, but that'slife...so with that, i am saying these words not to stick up for him, but to let the truth be known.

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