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do we need to do a f*****ing intervention?


I'll go clubbing. (Is that Other Deb! Hello!)

Seriously, let's do this. I have glitter shoes and an ass that just don't quit.


I read your site before my first cup of coffee and my first impression about your insomnia scared me. After an appropriate amount of caffeine consumption, I remembered my own bouts of insomnia, sorry. I love the FeliciaAlexis photos.


http://www.thriftyhipster.com/index.php for great reviews like,

"this place is so bad i wanted to shoot myself. there was nobody there... is it even open. it sucked in uptown and now its even worse in downtown."


I don't think i would look very good in a Shiny halter top.


Nor would I, but that's mainly due to my unconventional tan line.


What color lipstick is that that you are wearing, I must have it...


L'oreal Glam Shine Lipcolour in "Sizzle". I absolutely love this product.


T3h k1dz are t3h sux0rz. Who cares where they go. All I know is they keep not dying.

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