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oooh- sorry about the speeding tix - Not sure about getting out of it but in Wisconsin you can hire a traffic lawyer for like $50 and he/she will go to court on your behalf and get the ticket reduce to some other offense. You will still end up paying but if you are concerned about points on your record this is an option - but I am not sure if they offer that service here.

and I know for a fact that the Lifetime Fitness in Plymouth and Champlin have co-ed whirlpools.


Hennepin County has a "traffic court" in the lower level of the government center where you can go and protest tickets. Basically you give your excuse to the man behind the desk, he chides you for breaking the law, and he might reduce or dismiss the fine just for showing up. I did it once to get out of paying $80 for expired tabs, and it worked.


carrie: Are there hotties?

Ray: Thanks for the info!


the things you would do? could you expand on that? maybe i need to head to home depot tonight for some building supplies.


Here's a sneak preview of your favorite body part:



I'm stumped. What is it?


so ... does that mean her favorite body part is her inflated ego and self confidence? funny thing is that my favorite body part happens to be on Alexis too.


funny thing is that my favorite body part happens to be on Alexis too

Care to re-word that?!

If those are the images used in the story, then I'm very surprised.


They bumped the prices last August as well so that if you're doing 20+ over the limit up to $209.00.

Don't ask me how I know.


Just got the paper and headed straight to your story. Wow your favorite body part got some serious real estate!


Alexis -
It is really hit or miss as far as eye candy goes - I do expect a full report on the blog once you visit the whirlpool!


You can have a hearing for your ticket in the county you received a ticket in. I think they usually either give you the option of paying a reduced fine or you pay the full fine and it disappears from your record as long as you have no same or similars. I don't think they usually dismiss for moving violations like they do for expired tabs, but if your main concern is your record, having the violation stayed for a year ir pretty sweet.


If you have any excuse whatsoever for why you were driving that fast, definitely take it to court.

It will cost you two days of your life (once for the pre-trial hearing, and then possibly once more for the trial), but considering how much your insurance goes up if you have a ticket on your record, it is definitely worth the hassle.

In fact, in the long run, seven pictures of President Jackson (plus two of Washington) is NOTHING compared to what will happen to your insurance costs of you don't at least sweet-talk them into a "stay of execution."

Good luck!


Go to court. Plead innocent. Tell them you want a trial if necessary. They will offer to "continue it for dismissal", which means you pay court costs, which will probably equal the fine, and agree that if you get another ticket, you can be prosecuted for both, but if you go a year without one, this one is wiped off your record. The advantage of this is your insurance doesn't go up. I've done it twice.


hey alexis, just so you know. the name brand of the pizza'a is gourmet. it has nothing to do with us preparing them. they're your standard frozen pizza just like a heggie's or a tombstone, although i highly recommend the chicken alfredo. it's what made big and strong... mostly just big!

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