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Okay, I swear I didn't intend for this to be exactly 7 questions, thus seeming like I'm ripping of Rex's 7QQ idea over on MNSpeak. It just ended up that way. And I said "7 Minutes with Kevin Kash" because the show's on the 7th, at the 7th St. Entry. 7-7-7.


Christ Alexis, great interview. I wasn't counting the questions. Or the minutes. Really.


Talk about thievery!

I knew his name was familiar. Didn't he did a set at Sonia's last b-day party in the Entry? I can't for the life of me remember the lineup, but it was interesting, to say the least. It ended up being a good show.


great interview, I'm very impressed with your Baseball knowledge, but then again, I know nothing about baseball. For all i know you were just making stuff up.

I think it is ironic someone with a blog called "Still Listen to Gangsta Music" is lactose-intolerant... I don't know why but it just strikes me funny...

keep up the great work - very entertaining.


Kevin is definitely making the rounds. It can't be a coincidence we both posted interviews with him today. Will look for you at the show! -G.


You can't pimp your exes!

Oh wait... um...


Ex schmex; we hooked it back up once I got guest-listed. You know how I roll.

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