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Diablo Cody's blog frightens and confuses me.

I mean, I'm not such a prude that I can't cope with the fact that there are places where people make a living by taking their clothes off in front of other people, but I've never felt a need to read about their innermost thoughts, nor watch them molest celebrity look-alike dolls in front of a web cam.

But maybe that's just me.


Dave, the bottom line would be the fact that No Animals Were Harmed (no one expired, no rainforests were felled, yadda yadda) in the making of said blog. Live and let live. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

One aspect of Diablo Cody's persona that does rub me the wrong way is the casual spite towards kids, a stance which is about as sophisticated, intellectually speaking, as imagining that it's an actual, divinely-inspired image of Jesus on one's morning french toast.

Some people don't seem to get the irony that's inherent in expecting kids not to be kids, i.e. that they should somehow be capable of behaving like perfectly-formed adults (and when did you last meet one of those?), while at the same time having fond memories of all the non-adult things they did when they were less than four feet high. And being kids, what could they have done differently?

Which would these people have preferred - being tolerated and gently encouraged by understanding grownups, or having wire coat hangers thrown at them, as Diablo alleges she'd do with gusto? It often seems people want to have their cake and eat it too, which is a violation of the known laws of physics. I'll save my wire coat hangers for Ashcroft, thank you very much...

Besides, the aspects of our character that we've retained from childhood are frequently the most satisfying parts of our adult life. Christ, Diablo makes that readily apparent every day in her blog.


Bagging on Diablo Cody as she pulls her pants down for attention is a favorite local sport. It's fair game, for a few good reasons.

1. Turnabout is fair play. I mean, hell - have you seen what she writes about celebs who are far less subject to ridicule? She goes after 12 year olds with zits, for God's sake - and she names names. She's attention starved.

2. She's a masochist. She did phone sex for months. That doesn't even pay well - it's just degradation for its own sake. The one photo I saw in the paper had a handcuff pendant around her neck.

So, bottom line, she probably likes it.

3. She's too stupid to notice. A cursory reading makes her sound like someone pretending to be vacuous. A closer reading reveals that she's not just pretending.


Da-yum, everybody's hatin' on Diablo!

I think her blog is hilarious, I read it every day.


Jenny, I think she's pretty smart, and talented, and funny at times. It's just that every once in awhile I want to sit her down and make her watch the video of flight 175 hitting the south tower on endless loop for two hours. Or something. Not fair, I realize. I'm okay with wanton hedonism and unabashed self-promotion, because to the extent that it crosses a line, it's generally possible for others to shrug it off or write satirical columns about it (ala Paris Hilton). I think it's just the seemingly blinkered 24/7 self-absorption thing that always gets my goat.

It reminds me (speaking of said towers) of the incident that let me know that massive bubble of confusion, angst, wonderment and despair that followed 9/11 was ephemeral, for all its scope. It was the very next morning, not 24 hours after the event, when I inadvertantly did something - I still have no idea what it could've been, and I *was* paying attention - and the person in the lane next to me on the ramp leading to 394 west flipped me the bird. My first thought was, "has the person in that Golf been sleeping for the past two days?" My second thought was, "nah, probably not."

It's possible my perception of Diablo is a little skewed, too. Maybe I just need to chill out.


I don't think it isn't serious enough. I don't think it's funny enough - as a book.

Books are different from blogs. They're longer. People who read a lot of books tend to read them in one sitting. Thus, it's harder to repeat the same joke over and over and over again. Diablo does that. It's old hat.

Diablo had a good run and a good schtick. She's upper-middle class enough to appeal to the upper middle class chicas who want to think of themselves as wild but never quite developed the nads.

God damn, though, I wish they had, because a decently educated person capable of developing some real insight or depth is sorely lacking from that "book."

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