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Great post, and very timely for me. My wife and I are in the early stages of getting our son on the Glutton Free - Casein free diet. He is 4 years old, and living with Autism. From what we have read and researched, this diet helps a great deal.

Thanks for the info.


Janelle is also allergic to casein. She would strongly recommend the BitterSweet Bakery to you!


That is just great information!! Thanks for the info!


> Though I'm always on the lookout now for Janelle-friendly grocery items...

Excellent -- I would much rather use the phrase "Janelle-friendly" than "gluten-free."


This is why I like Like Girl Friday... you can be sexy and informative!

what the hell is glutton free anyway? oh sorry I mean "Janelle-friendly"...


Just thinking: if the 1:133 number is accurate, perhaps that could explain how the Atkins diet is so successful for some, but disastrous for others. In general, once people find out they are intolerant of gluten and cut it out of their diet, they tend to lose quite a bit of weight, even though they are still consuming other kinds of carbohydrates.

Surfing Server

I work at Biaggi's and I can confirm that most of our pasta dishes can be tossed with gluten-free pasta. Of course the stuffed and layered pastas aren't available gluten-free. We also have some really nice steaks on the menu.

Matt on behalf of Uno Chicago Grill

On behalf of Uno Chicago Grill, I am writing to say we are happy that you thought of us in your advice column. Providing nutritional information to our guests is extremely important to us - our restaurants now have nutritional kiosks where diners can look up all the nutritional information in their favorite dishes to make the best meal choice for them. We also list out gluten-free options on our menu. Please visit www.unos.com for more information.

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