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Well, I did NOT check out the links to Sexy Talk Blog or Diablo Cody -- yet. Glad to hear about KMOJ, you were probably too young to remember but we listened to that station quite a bit before we moved out of its range. Keith Sweat? Who's that? What mirrors? I fell off my chair with the visual of the old guy writing that note (arthritic penmanship). L,Mom P.S. Let me know your schedule.


I find your blog more entertaining than Diablo's.


Aw, thanks Hue!

Mother: has it been so long since I lived in that little house on the prairie? Has it been so long since you converted my old bedroom into your office and installed a door leading out to the patio which would've been really f**king handy when I was seventeen? Okay, so it's been 11 years. But I still don't think I should have to remind you that one entire wall of my old bedroom was tiled mirrors.


Of course I remember those mirrored tiles!!! They ripped off the wall when I removed them and had to re-sheetrock the entire room!! I'm still laughing about an old man underlining "slut bomb."

The Cleavagey Slut Bomb

What Mom must think of me now. *sigh*


What exactly is a slut bomb and how can I get one dropped on my residence?


You don't want that. "The Slut Bomb" (US-CAT des. FX#HO99) is a variation of "the OMG LOL" bomb (US-CAT des. FX#WTF87) which has has it's fourteen megaton warhead payload exchanged for a five mile dispersal bacteriological warhead. While such warheads were designed to carry anthrax, ebola, and T-Virus strains, in the case of the Slut Bomb the payload is a lethal cocktail of HIV, Syphillis, and promises to call you tomorrow.

The Cleavagey Slut Bomb

Hey! I resent that!

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