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I have that "an hour and a half I'll never get back" feeling all the time when I watch films these days. Constantly. What's happening to me? Who knows. I will say that, even though I dislike gore in 96.3 percent of the cases in which it's employed in films, and while I really find horror to be a non-starter for me most of the time, the synopsis of Hostel at the imdb that you posted made it sound pretty compelling. As for the other films you found yourself watching, the less said the better, it would seem...


here's how you tell if a movie is going to be terrible (like poke-your-own-eyes-out-oedipus-style bad), if they have previews for it the previous summer, and then you don't see until the next year. (or in the case of gangs of new york, 3 years later.) i think i would rather go see a brand new yahoo serious movie than the ringer.

on a movie theme, but different topic:
for pure low-budget-so-shitacular-it's-awesome entertainment check out jesus christ vampire hunter. i laughed my balls off, and then had to search under my couch to find them, rinse them off and swallow them in hopes that they would someday descend out of my abdomen again. that's how funny the movie is.


My solution for this is to watch American movies only on coast-to-coast flights, without headphones so you can't hear the dialogue.

On my trip back from the east coast on Jan. 1, they showed three movies which, taken together, suggested Western culture is utterly obsessed with death and the afterlife: "Just Like Heaven," "The Brothers Grimm," and "Corpse Bride." So different on their face, but so alike in their themes. At least with the sound off.


Sage advice, guys. This is why I love you.


I love the way you gave away the secret to the "much hyped" movie Sideways, "it's not any good (shhhhh)".

I have to see Hostel.

As far as The Ringer is concerned. This movie offended me on so many levels. Given the fact I am the father of child with special needs, I think Johnny Knoxville getting ANY roles offends me more. I was hoping Jackass:The Movie was going to be the end of his acting jobs.

Didn't he get his start super gluing his scrotum to his leg on Jackass?! Only in America I guess.

keep up the great work.. hope you get some sleep soon.

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