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"alien-looking forhead"???

*sigh* Just goes to show, the prettier the girl, the pickier she is about little perceived flaws in her appearance.

News flash, Alexis: You're a total hottie.

Now please stop running yourself down to fish for pity. It's beneath you. If you need validation, I'll be happy to remind you that you're cute (and witty) any time you like. :)


Just to clarify, I think my forehead is alien-looking in that particular picture.


You probably wouldn't think twice about your forehead if not for some boy in one of your gradeschool classes who commented on it. A large forehead on a woman used to be a sign of high intellect.


28 f**king years old and she still finds ways to embarrass me...


HEY, I ate at IN for the very first time today! I liked the food a lot: half a wild rice/fig/walnut salad and half a turkey melt with cranberry chutney. The combo was a good deal for $7.50. I also had a very tasty pineapple/ginger tonic. My vegetarian pal was happy with his beet salad and tempeh empanada. There's too much Horst around the joint for my taste (the walls are CRAMMED with his crappy art) but it's a funky space, the food was tasty, and the retail store has some interesting stuff. I bought a $5 chocolate bar that promises to bring me inner calmness. hell yeah.


I think you should just go with the forehead. In bars you can go around hissing "Fear my enormous brain!" and in the comix version of Girl Friday (in which the legend on the front of her little-black-dress superhero uniform changes from frame to frame), her brainpan is huge, like those geniuses from the 25th century, viz.: http://www.seanbaby.com/hostess/superman1.htm

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