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Roseville Bakery's donuts are okay, their cookies too. I had some good crusty bread there once.

But yeah, pretty poor overall.


This is what you skipped pinochle nite for? L.A.M.E.


Wuollet cupcakes are tops. I grew up eating them, because my parents (and grandparents) stopped at Wuollet's Bakery at least once a week to load up on bread, cookies, rolls and other sweets to have with their coffee. A Swedish thing, I always thought - sitting around the table eating baked goods, Wisconsin cheese (plain old colby, cheddar...) and drinking coffee. I had my first cup of coffee, with plenty of milk, when I was about four.

I also had a concoction at both my grandparents' houses called "molasses milk", which is just like it sounds - about two tablespoons of very sweet molasses stirred into a glass of cold milk. I still haven't run into anyone else who's ever tried it.

Now I live less than a block from Wuollet's, and I never set foot in there. I honestly almost never think of buying tasty baked goods, though I still love them so. Go figure. I just work a lot, I guess.


Taylor, I don't remember how to play and was advised that tonight would be competitive.


Did you leave the cupcakes out for an hour or so to get rid of that nasty fridge taste? I really dislike the way the cake dries out, but I understand that bakeries must refrigerate cupcakes out of necessity.


The one from "Cupcake" looks awesome.

I'm not sure if "A Baker's Wife Pastery Shot" Does cupcakes, but she has the best cake donuts in town.

Great post.


Molly: After a ride in my car in their respective white paper bags, the little darlings also had to sit for their photoshoot on my kitchen counter before being eaten. I suspect this was plenty of time to get rid of that refrigerator case taste.


Franklin Street rocks. You should also try their savory items too.


Oh, someone had to mention A Baker's Wife. I've never had their cupcakes, but they have a chocolate snowball that is pure chocolatey creamy nirvana.

Max Ultramod

If you fall in love with the marveous Chocolate Ganache Cupcake, you might as well fall in love with diabetes as too, because that's where you're headed. This is like the crack cocaine of cupcakes.

Sung Sook

Hey, we were referenced to your blog from mnspeak.com and took your advice on Franklin Street Bakery. I'm not sure if it's from your blog, but the business has been BOOMING like crazy (according to the gal at the counter). Great job on your review! I'm glad you tasted all of those cupcakes so we could just arrive at the best one first. Keep up the good work!


It looks like the StarTribune ripped you off.

Ed Kohler

I got around to trying the Franklin Street Bakery cupcakes this past week. They're freekin off the charts. We took down the Chocolate Grenache and I think some white chocolate ones as well. Thanks for the tip!


Sara Jane's bakery is overated. The raspberry Bismarck I had at Cub Food's last week was much tastier. Every time I have purchased a donut at Sara Jane's I have been dissapointed.

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