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Not only should your mother have a blog of her own, it should be exclusively dedicated to Embarrassing Stories About Alexis.

I'm just sayin'.


I'm guessing that I'm not the only one who really would enjoy a blog authored by Alexis's mom.

Do it for the fans.


You're not helping.


Is the herding of people into designated smoking areas akin to Lloyd Dobbler's noble task of Key Master?

Bob from ALAMN

I wished I could have been there. Some people say I'm pretty good at telling people where they can or can't smoke, although I think "Mr. Nanny State" Joe Soucheray does it better.

Also, I actually like grasshoppers, or I used to. Haven't had once in more than 20 years, since I was in Bear's Place (no, not THAT kind of bear!) in Bloomington, IN.

The photos of Rex's party look like fun.



I have to say Thank You for using velcro not only in a general sense but as a verb. (Wait. Were you literally velcroed to ...) One of my more unpleasant trade publishing experiences involved being chastised by an oaf in the employ of that ubiquitous hook and loop fastener corporation for what its coda felt was a loose usage of the term. No longer in that editorial bind, I build monuments to those who use our language properly (rather than as corporate property, hello). Oh, yeah: Your blog's awesome too. Double score!


Thanks, babe. Verbing nouns is what I do best.


Double props for the velcro-verbing. I quite enjoyed being the Assistant Dictator for the Ministry of Smoking.

Lisa  G

Grose, fat naked lady washing herself at the sink!

I don't have a problem with seeing other women nude in the locker room, and I sometimes wonder why some women act kind of childish about seeing other women nude in a locker room.
But if women are going to walk around the locker room nude then they should at least be hot looking like you, Girl Friday. (don't worry, I'm not hitting on you, I am straight!)

At my gym there are a few women who stand completely naked in front of the mirror doing their hair and makeup, but at least they have the body for it.

Kelly Davis

Lisa G,

I totally agree with you.

Even though I'm a straight woman I can still appreciate the nude female form. I somwhat enjoy a "naked locker room" of sorts.

If women who are in nice shape want to walk around naked in the locker room I'm glad that their confident with themselves, and it's kind of nice to see. But if a woman weighs 300LBS then she should keep covered up to the best of her ability.

I guess I'd say that if you look like Eva Longoria by all means strut your stuff. But if you look like Roseane Barr then don't.


Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it.

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