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Please note the coordinating purple fishnets.

Fuckin' yow. Good work.


What do those purple shoes "say"?

Vinnie Vark

Boo Hiss.....how could you point people to amazon.com and not Lucero headquarters here in Mpls. Aardvark has Dreaming in America damn it! Hell, Hold Fast from the bonus audio cd was recorded here. I still love you GirlFriday but shame on you.


I think people might get pretty confused if that link went to Aardvark Records and not to the actual DVD itself!

There. Happy now?


I can't even go near DSW right now. There are a good half dozen pairs of Chinese Laundry pumps that I covet, and I must be financially responsible.

On the other hand, I found a kickass pair of slutty boots at Savers for a mere $12, along with an Isaac Mizrahi satin blazer with the tags still on for $6. Yay, thrifting!


Those. Are. Awesome. Shoes.
The end.


Alexis-such a great name- I so wish you wore size 10. Nice scores. e

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