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Careful not to bring up Sandra Lee again ;)


Read the interview with Rexie in CP. Good on him. Nice picture, too. And hey, I think I was rolling on that couch behind him once...


Indeed you have.


Mmm...the freeness of booze makes it ever so palatable. Drink like the wind.


It was an insightful interview. I rarely read City Pages, but I saw your name on the cover, so I had to read it. I'm curious--did every question they asked you end up in the article? If they asked more than what was printed, were there questions/answers that you wish had made it in? Also, will the metro area now celebrate Rex Sorgatz Day ala Empire Records?

Sorry to hijack your blog's focus to ask Rex some questions. I had intended to restore the balance by posting a picture of you wearing a tiny foil hat, but TypePad must not think it's funny, because images refuse to appear in preview. Typepad, why you wanna play me like that?

For real, though, I'm bummed that the Saturday convention tickets are sold out. I'll have to try and tune in.

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