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Scurrilous Von Ponderslots

The Modern has very uncomfortable seating, though. Unless, of course, that wasn't a typo and there's a Moden Cafe I've never been to.


I second the highest recommendation for Hell's Kitchen - definitely the best breakfast in town. Other "Brunches" that I have enjoyed that didn't make the list include Lord Fletcher's (pushing the limits of being "in the metro" as it's way out in the boonies, but good food for a reasonable $19), the brunch at the Sofitel (very good but not such a great value at $30), and Dixie's on Grand used to serve a decent brunch but I have not been there in many many years.


Hell's K's menu is broad and the food is delicious, and the same goes for Cosmos (my family insists on treating us to H.K whenever they visit, and I work @ the graves hotel & eat @ Cosmos several times a week)

But, if I'm buying, the best breakfast in the Cities is the Cachapas Venezolanas (Corn Panckakes) @ Maria's Cafe on E. Franklin



The Dinkytowner, owned by the same folks as the original Uptowner on Grand and Lexington in St. Paul (which has since changed owners several times) still has the same breakfast menu as the ol' Uptowner, including a Tex-Mex with their kick-ass home-made salsa. Or the Uptown Bar in, well, Uptown, for a damn good skillet breakfast and Bloody Marys. Or for more upscale (but still cheap) fare, try Bon Vie on Selby in St. Paul. I think I'm hungry...And if you want to spend more money, the W.A. Frost brunch is hard to beat.


Alexis, I'm really surprised that you don't have Good Earth on your list. They have so many vegetarian friendly dishes. I love the Vegetarian Joe's Eggs with black beans and hash. Mmm.

Sofitel has the best eggs benedict in town. And their oatmeal is none like I've ever had, lots of yummy fixins--cream, berries, brown sugar, raisins.


Sunday morning at the Sample Room is pretty good. then again, 2-1's at 11AM is always good.


Hear hear for The Egg and I being on the BLAH list. It's a fine place to pass an hour by yourself if you want fairly cheap boring breakfast foods, but man... it is *overrated and shouldn't be as busy as it is on weekends.


All of that other food stuff is interesting, but I'm most enamored by the word aptronym. That made my day.

(And I second Good Earth.)


Thanks everyone.

Damn, that's 2 now for Good Earth. I've never liked the food there; maybe the breakfast is a different story?

I added Maria's to the list. Keep them coming, guys!

mike s

I have breakfast at the Triple Rock at least once each weekend. Big menu with lots of vegetarian options; avoidable lines; good jukebox; and there's always a dude drinking Belgian beers at 10am, so I don't feel guilty ordering a few Summits....


Bar Abilene has a goood brunch (chocolate waffles & homemade spicy sausage patties + omolette station & bloody mary bar). It's about $9.

Best part: Your receipt always has a 2 for 1 brunch coupon you can use the next weekend.


Ah, yes! How could I forget. I actually have a receipt in my wallet right now for that very reason. Though not too vegetarian-friendly, it is someplace I like to go once in a while.

Abby Girl

I second the Triple Rock breakfast - lots of vegitarian and Vegan options along with interesting people to look at. Another great brunch I had recently was at Barbette - they had an amazing version of Eggs Benedict that I could eat as non- meat eater..

There you have it!

PS - Love the site GF - I don't know you but I feel as though I do after being a fan of the site for so long....

Thanks again for all the great advise...


Hmm, I've never had the breakfast at Barbette. A meat-free eggs benedict appeals to me.

The Triple Rock is great for vegetarians and vegans. Despite all the meat-free selections, though, I'm just not crazy about the food itself. I can do better for the same price elsewhere.


I went to the New Uptown Diner for the first time in ages this weekend. The waitstaff was nice.

Unfortunately, my pancakes were as bland as bland can be. Y'know how a good pancake has a kind of golden sweetness about it - I can't really describe it any other way - so that even without any syrup, it tastes good? Well, mine had an odd, stale, doughy flavor that the syrup couldn't even mask. It bordered on unpleasant. Then, the giant slab of hashbrowns was nicely browned on the outside, but just a mass of overly-moist, undercooked, stringy potatoes once I cut into them with my fork. Obviously they needed to be cooked some more before being served. (And the restaurant wasn't too busy at the time - which would be no excuse anyway, I realize.) Finally, to top it all off, a tiny, four-legged critter raced across the dining room and under our table a short time after we got there. I'm actually not bothered by them in general, since this is, afterall, the city - and they're going to be found in almost every building at this time of year. As a matter of fact, I have one that sneaks into my apartment now and then. But it didn't help an already dismal meal for me.

Now, to be fair, one of my friends had a very good omelette. It looked good, and reportedly it tasted good. And the toast that came with it was made with pretty good wheat bread, sliced thick. So that's something.


Yikes. Thanks for the heads-up.


Wow, I'm bummed I missed this breakfast conversation -- Minneapolis breakfast is one of my favorite topics ever! My top five picks, in order: Hell's Kitchen, Band Box, Bryant-Lake Bowl, Highland Grill and, perhaps suprisingly, Little Oven

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