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Awwww... what a nice post. My neighborhood needs a Stasiu's style hangout. Anyone have any suggestions that are crawling distance from Loring Park? I've been to New Dehli... is that the best there is for my 'hood?

Note: I'm fairly new to the twin cities. I'm thinking Liquor Lyle's could be a possibility (haven't been as of yet), but it's a bit past comfortable walking distance during these chilly winter months


A hangover?! Ugh!


I hit "post" too quickly -- I sure would like to see/hear you doing karaoke, but really, do you HAVE to be under the influence...?


1) No guy that patronizes Stasiu's is allowed to touch Alexis, or Jerry will shoot him.

*spits out water*


Eric: what about Market Barbecue on 14th & Nicollet? I have a friend that lives on the park and we go there quite a bit. Huge bar, nice people, hefty scotch pours.

Alexis too

Great post! I lived in Newport Beach for 2 years and had a bar just like that - The Beach Ball also known as The Vortex (sucks you in and spits you back out). I always went by myself and knew all (5) employees and most of the regulars. The employees and regulars were protective of me too! I definitely miss that and look forward to visiting Stasiu's, but the closest place to me now would be the Chatterbox.

~Great name by the way! ;)


I'm not sure what Surly they have at Acadia, but I found it quite enjoyable. Tastes alot like Summit's Extra Pale Ale. BTW, Acadia has a huge selection of beer and a chill setting. Eric- you should check out the wed. nights at King and I Thai...Liquor Lyles is great if you are in the mood for getting drunk...


Alexises in tha house!

Collinwood: sounds like you had the Furious, a beer that supposedly pushes the hops envelope.


I see how it is.


I have definetly been taking advantage on the new happy hour at the stash, as it were...

As a side note, I was at Psycho Suzi's yesterday after work, and thought I might have seen someone that looked an aweful lot like you... perhaps your hangover began there?



In my new 'hood, to which I begin moving on Tuesday (yay!), I plan on making the vodka bar at Moscow on the Hill my home away from home. The food there is decent, but overpriced; the vodka bar, however, is not to be beat.

Best of all, I can walk home.


Must've been my doppelganger, Shogunmoon. I haven't been to Suzi's in ages.


Lexi Lexi Lexi, can't you see? Sometimes your words jus' hypnotize me. And I jus' love your trashy ways. It's why I'm broke and you're so paid.


Eric: You should try Eli's if you're looking for intimate and down to earth. It lacks the grit of Stasiu's, New Dehli, and Lyle's, but you'll feel like you found a small town portal right on Hennepin Avenue.


alexis - the hops envelope is more than pushed...its thrown out the window. furious is a really bad name for a beer, its along the lines of dairy queen's arctic rush (aka Mr. Misty).


Hey! Isn't there a 3rd rule?
Hmmmmmm?? What could that be? Tee-Hee!!


seriously? did jerry just give a "tee-hee" all school-girl style? that's it! i'm going down to stasiu's and breaking the 4th rule; messing up jerry's hair.


Hey, any man who carries a comb in his pocket is just asking to get tousled. (Love you, Jerry!)

And rule number three requires a visual, so I couldn't really post it!


Ok Caesar! bring it on!!!
I have extra hold now!!


Hey, I was just googling Stasiu's and found your blog. Seems like you dig the joint, eh? Well they do have those impressive urinals. So mark your calendar... August 16th, my friend Brad Senne is playing down there. www.myspace.com/beight I'll be backing him up on keyboard. Hope you can Czech it out. Brad's going to be playing some of his new solo work. It's really great stuff. JTO'


hi i am the real stasiu from london in england! it was great to hear there was a bar called stasiu's! COOL! just wondering if its still called stasiu's and do the sell any merchandize (like t-shirts with stasius rocks on them!) if u could reply... thanks!

bye the way... YOUR WELL HOT!!!!!
yours sincerly STASIU!

P.S u rock!
P.P.S this is my girlfriends email

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