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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Good luck with your essay (pseudonym please?) Love, MOM


What's with that uniform the Captain is sporting? Doesn't the cheeky "Q" typically wear five 'pips' on his Federation uniform indicating a superior rank to Picard?


"Tapestry", from the most fabulous season 6. Picard dies in Sick Bay and Q gives him a second chance. Great episode.


The Picard pseudo-death episodes pretty much rule. My favorite would have to be from Season 5, "Inner Light," where he becomes absorbed by a seemingly derelict probe and ends up living an entire lifetime in the space of the several minutes that he's unconscious on the bridge. This was a tremendously significant event in his life and is alluded to frequently in the later seasons. Most notably, it's here that he learns to play the flute!


If you're lookin' for love past your bartender Valentine (and i know how strong love can be for a good bartender) I think this guy may be single again...
Man turn flat into the Star Trek Enterprise - http://www.tvsnob.com/archives/004703.php


2.0, I hope. The third album was rather disappointing. Didn't listen to the last one, though...


Ha, it was the third album. It's got a few really great tracks, but is disposable for the most part. The last one was much less of a disappointment. But I do have all of them for a nice rotation.

At the moment, though, I'm listening to the Patti Smith CDs that Mark sent me.

Danielle Lenae

Garbage on Valentine's Day is the only way to go.


I prefer an endless loop of GWAR's Hate Love Songs.


Have you see the "Brokeback to the Future" parody trailer? That Q-Picard photo makes me long for a Boldly Go version. Maybe I'll script something like that in my blog, as a Valentine's Day present for you.



Stupid typepad, won't let me post a picture. Happy V-day.


I've GOT to know, did you have lunch on Valentine Day at Ol' Mexico off Lexington Ave. and Larpenter? There was a gal there I SWEAR was the spittin' image of you and a couple of your friends. Being a shy married guy and all, I just wanted to say HI! (...if it was)
Love the cupcake review...


Nope, wasn't me.

I forgot about Ol' Mexico, it's been so long since I've been there. How was it?


I guess if you're looking for a fast Mexican fix, it was okay.. There's only so much you can do with a buffet that has taco meat, sour cream, cheese, chips and salsa...right?


hey, just to let you know, i ordered a beerclip after seeing you post about it, and i got it in the mail the other day. it's freakin' sweeeeet! everybody in my office, jealous. i've been looking for something nicer to carry in my pocket than a small opener.

if you want to check it out, think i'll be at Mayslacks tonight for 25 cent wings and $2 mystery beers (9pm)


Alexis, where is Stasiu's? I've never heard of it. What's the draw besides you and the bartender?


I just happened upon Stasiu's last Saturday on the way between Mayslack's & Psycho Suzi's... it's on the NW corner of Lowry and University. Might have to check that place out, though I wish it wasn't so far to drive home for me (Loring Park). Would be another thing if I lived down the street like our lovely hostess GF.


Yup, that's where it is.

USFguy, are you from the USF where I used to work?


How do you pronounce Stasiu's?


Thnx. I have wondered that for a long time and it has been a barrier keeping me from actually going there!


Stasiu's means Stanley in polish.
Alexis is the reason I still work there!


This comment thread has inspired me to do a Stasiu's tutorial blog entry. Expect it by Monday.


Yes, we use to work together USF. I recently had some work done on my car on Rice Street and thought of you. Google is very handy.

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