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Urls and comments can be a huge source of hidden comedy.

And I don't have a man crush on Aaron. Only one man has my heart.


Oh, and Jason, you really should do a story on these guys.


I went to the Town Talk the other day for a pancake fundraiser. And although they were doing them bit smaller than the original diner because they were pumping out hundreds for the event, I'm happy to say they still have damn good pancakes. They're cakes with a bit of weight to them, but not too thick, with an outside crispiness and good flavor but not too sweet.

With that said, $8.25 is a bit steep just for pancake nostalgia. I loooved the old Town Talk for what it was: a classic, working-class, neighborhod greasy spoon. It's not that anymore; so be it. I'm excited to see what the new TT has to offer . . . are the burgers as good as the Craftsman's? Or the Longfellow's (taylor, sorry, the Longfellow is beyond average in MANY ways)?

Meantime, if I'm looking for pancakes, there are a bunch of places around town I'd go to instead of TT, including for the corn pancakes at Maria's, the Lemon-Ricotta cakes (mentioned above) at Hell's Kitchen or, for standard cakes (but not average), Band Box.

Aaron Landry

Taylor / Jason-

Re: Google Video URL. There's actually a guy that does that locally. It's scary shit: BodyRock! I watched a bunch of his videos on MTN 17 by mistake a couple months ago and my life has been changed forever. I'm not sure if it was him lip synching on the top of some Minneapolis building shoot off roman candles from his crotch or if it was him lip synching to George Michael (IIRC) in a bubble bath with just enough nudity to not work on broadcast television. Maybe it was the video that was straight up voyeur-cam of men's crotches and abs on Minneapolis beaches? Either way, scroll down on this page to see some. These are pretty tame though; best catch it on MTN. Make sure you're secure with yourself first.


The best pizza in town is Pizza Luce, hands down. I liked the pulled pork hash at Town Talk, even if was a bit skimpy. I'd like to go back and try the dinner menu. I prolly should have gone there last night instead of the Happy Gnome.

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