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Steve Marsh is a wise man and an even wiser [insert noun].


I sorta want to unfriend you to see what my code name becomes.


Watch it, mister.


Is there any corner of teh intarweb safe from drama?


My gawd, look at those photos. You get prettier every year, Alexis.

I have nothing of substance to add. I just had to mention that you look very pretty in those photos. Also, that white belt kicks fashion ass.


Aw, thanks Dave.

I attribute it to the unlimited tanning special going on at my gym right now. $29.99 for a whole month!


Hmmmm, which EX could it be??


What Would Marsh Do?


Get drunk and steal people's wives? I love this picture you took of Adam, BTW.


I'm glad you like the photo of your belt. I didn't crop it to cut off your head on purpose. It came out that way due to poor paparazzi aim on the first shot. The party was *that good.


Hey, I have a myspace page!

I'd be glad to add you as a friend to make up for your ex. Send me a link and you'll hear from me.

(Note: I use a different name on myspace: You'll know me by the initials TD. That's all I'm sayin' for the moment.)

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