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Ohhhhhhh, to be that chocolate grain!!


Oh god I so just got a new shade of studio fix...and the eyeshadows do put you under a shopping spell. I tend to steer clear of Sephora unless I have lots of cash to burn. That place is Dangerous. My new favorite is www.lush.com. Yeah for products!


My friend Molly is a Lush-o-phile, so I've tried lots of their products. I don't really like it, though. The packaging makes it hard to use, and the facial scrubs are full of chunks of plants that clog up the drain. They have a lot of bar soaps that smell decent, but I don't use bar soap. It seems really overpriced for what you get. My $0.02.


Yes, liquid soap is a great invention. Unless you're planning on filling a sock with it for use as a blackjack. That's where bar soap shines. I took the LRT out to Hugedale last week to try one of Nathan's hot dogs. I've had the Coney Island version a few times and this franchise pretty much gets it right. But six bucks for a dog, (very) small fries and soda seems a bit much. At least at Coney Island I can ride the steeplechase and see the BurlyQ shows.

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