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I went to some pizza joint with our favorite amateur comic after an open mic - I think it was well into the single digit hours too.

I think it was Pizza Luce, I think, and it was damn good. I was pretty drunk, though. Drunk on the order of proclaiming my new found love of "fake" duck as a pizza topping.

Tennessee is ashamed to let me go anywhere on my own.


If you're willing to make the trek to St. Paul for Punch pizza, I recommend leaving the NY style pizza to those crazy New Yorkers, and trying something that I've never seen duplicated. Just a mile or so from Punch, still in Highland Park, is a pizzeria called Carbone's. It's on the corner of Randolph and Davern, and is a singular store (there is a chain of the same name in the Twin Cities, but this is the original).

They serve meatball hoagies and spaghetti, but their menu is really rather limited because if you go there for anything but the pizza, you're insane. All their pizzas are thin-crust, and the toppings are under the cheese, but there is just something about it... It's definitely a unique experience.

The service varies, but that's because it's a real mom&pop joint. There's a jukebox, but no hipsters. If you're sick of the Pizza Luce crowd and want something mighty tasty, brave the wilds of St. Paul and enjoy a little something unique.


Like usual, I haven't had my first cup of coffee and I read your blog and immediately get hungry! Twice I've driven down for Afghani pizza and was disappointed - they're not open on MONDAYS! I second all the pizza places!! Also, I heartily endorse Sarah Buckley -- I have the worst hair and she performs miracles...


Great Call on the pizzas I agree with every one.

Everyone should try Mock Duck on a pizza at least once. They also have a great Chick-less Parm sandwich.

If mock meat isn't your thing, the good people at Luce have "The Bear" (all the farm animals are represented: Pig, Cow, even Chicken).

I can't talk about Luce without mentioning the Tuna Calente and Tiramisu... Luce is definetly in my top 5. Excellent lunch, dinner, and "Post Bar" Food.


hair salon - olive. very cool. very cool people.



Great suggestions, everyone. Keep 'em coming!


Can't agree more about Sarah Buckley. Not only is she great with hair, but she is fun to know. Tip - schedule your appointment for around 4:00 p.m. so you can go to the adjacent Peacock Lounge for 2 for 1's afterward (start at 5:00).


Hair & Pizza for Men:
On the topic of hair and pizza, here is the 2nd best use of $25 & 1 hour in the entire metro(please refer back to Derusha's report on Alexis' service for the best use of $25 and 1 hour):
Right between the 8th Street Saloon and Bombay Bistro on Marquette Ave is Feature Cut Barber Stylist. You want to go to the Filipino guy with the nicotine stained fingers, as the other guy (presumably the owner) has a terrible toupe and totally botched the first cut I had there. Once seated, you can get a simultaneous cut and shoe shine while reading Maxim, Playboy or Dirty Old Men's Journal for just $18, including gratuity. From there, walk across Marquette and into the skyway level of the TCF Tower to Gianelli's, where you can get a 2 huge pizza slices for under $5.


Ginelli's just started delivering, too. And they're open until 2am Fridays & Saturdays.

Geoff, do they serve anything unique for breakfast? I'm looking at this coupon flyer I have and it says they open at 7:30am Monday-Friday.


Sarah's online appointment schedule was just so damn handy, I went ahead and set something up for this weekend. I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out.

Shameless plug in 3...2... 1...: You could also check out the "Before" version at O'Gara's tonight at 8 and the "After" version at Whiskey Junction on Saturday.


I haven't walked by Ginelli's before 11am in about 2 years, but I seem to recall 3 "morning pizza" options:
1) Apple Cinnamon
2) Scrambled egg & sausage
3) Scrambed egg & veggie.
4) Cold leftovers (they don't really offer it, but if they did I would go out of my way for if)

In the name of defending my reputation as a professional caterer (and eater), this is in no way an endorsement of Ginelli's breakfast, as I have never tried it.

Just out of curiosity, what does Sarah charge for styling? I only continue going to a barber in a vain attempt to balance out my wife's gazillion dollar monthly hair care bills. In the name of fairness, I would like to either upgrade my steez or at least make her's more affordable.


Forgot about the new Mama's Pizza on the skyway level of the US Bank building...better pizza than Ginelli's, full buffet, plasma TVs and better people-watching considering its proximity to the Targetto.


Geoff: my last cut & color was $85.00, and I think it's $40 for a haircut. That was 2 weeks ago, though, when she was still working at Jon Oulman. Give her a call and ask. Oh, and tell her I sent you. Because then I get $5 off my next service.

Sarah Buckley

Hi, Wow in such good company as a pizza conversation.. I feel like I made it. I LOVE Cresent Moon Afgani Pizza. I have to control myself not to eat it all because I love it cold the next day too. As far as my rates for hair doos a cut is $40 and it includes a scalp massage. I also do color, all over is $45 and a foil is $85. Thanks for the props Alexis.. xoxo Sarah

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