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Adam McFarlane

Is "MILF" pejorative? Thought it was (unless you're a high school guy). "Stepford wife" once had negative connotation; now, it's a compliment. Maybe that's happened to MILF, too?

Maybe "Stacey's mom has got it goin on", but is she OK w/ it?


I certainly don't mean for it to be that way. I hope to God I'm a MILF someday. Or just an ILF.


Actually, what I was wondering is where can I still get a shot of whiskey and bottle of bud for under $5 in the general vicinity of downtown minneapolis. I kinda guessed that Salut would be disappointing based solely on geography...

p.s Cosmos has a new vegetarian version of the tasting menu beginning this weekend...your head will explode when you see what the chef can do with a parsnip (get your mind out of the gutter)


Are you telling me that Sapphire and tonic is a chick drink? Damn! That explains a lot.


That's bad news for me too. I always enjoyed the Sapphire & Tonic. I guess its back to Old Fashioneds for me.


That is what you get for leaving NE.


HOLY SH*T, Geoff, are you serious? That's exciting.

I'll see what I can do about whiskey and beer.


Hilarious description of a grilled sandwich although it does make you want to #@!@#*. What is a MILF?


I'm not going to answer this one. Alexis? Anybody?


MILF is a commonly used slang acronym that references attactive older women.

The "I" in ~ilf stands for "I'd", as in "I would". The L stands for "like to".

The "F" is a little more risque. It's like "have FUN with" or "FOOL around with" or "FORNICATE with", etc.

As far as the "M" in MILF, I think Ton Loc said it best when he said:

I was five and a half
hangin out my lil' homie's
six year old
birthday bash

He was my next door neighbor,
I din't really know him that well
But I used play with him anyway
because his mom was fine as hell

He was one of them brothas
whose MOM was really young
and to get a glimpse of her
you used to go over there and play with her son...

So there you go.


I'd also like to point out the interesting correlation at View between amount of blonde and amount of fragrance. The same happens downtown all the time.


It's okay, Taylor, you can swear in front of my mom. Who do you think I learned it from?


"I learned it from YOU MOM! I learned it from listening to YOU!".


"Parents who curse have girls that end up as MILF's!"

I'll never forget that commercial...damn Nancy Reagan.


Amen, Paul. I think every member of our extended generation feels the same way.

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