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Welcome to the sniffin' club! I knew you had it in you.


"Yep. She's a sniffer!"


But what's the conclusion? Would you really have to be peeled off any Larry who doused himself in the stuff? And have you done double blind testing?


I think it would depend on which scent. If it was "Kilo" or "Phoenix", I'd probably have to be peeled off. Or at least asked to please take a step back. I can just inhale and inhale and inhale skin that's been freshly cleansed with that blissful stuff.

I even rubbed a tiny drop on the back of my hand in the store today. I know, I'm so naughty...


the Axe Shower Gel did not seem to work for this poor fella


Geoff: note the comments about the tester choosing the wrong scent. I'm telling ya, it's "Kilo" all the way, baby.


Excellent info to know.


Did you see the family guy episode where he uses "axe body spray for sick cats?"

a moment in television history.


She had to be peeled off that napkin she used to clean off the bottle the other night.

Actually... are you still carrying that around?


I've lurked around here long enough... I think I have all the tools I need to be successful:

This Friday, I plan "Axe" up, head to Stasiu's, get an IPA of some sort and wax poetic about the cinematic glory that was "the best of both worlds- parts one and two" while dining on grilled cheese and carefully picking at my homemade cupcakes for dessert.


Ooh, great episode.

One little flaw, though, Eddie; it's pretty rare to see me at Stasiu's on a Friday night. If you do, it's likely that a dinner date has gone horribly wrong, and it's best not to approach me in such a state. I'm slightly notorious for throwing things.



Well, I've always fancied myself a vulture of sorts.


A late comment... but thanks to GirlFriday I actually perused the AXE selection when I was at Walgreens getting some things this morning. I did not take the plunge and buy. AXE deodorant still makes me think of this local blog post


So you like the smell of sexually precocious 15-year-old boys?




TAG Body Spray for Sick Cats. I just wiped a tear away.

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