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The best joke I've heard all year is this:

A guy walks over to his buddy's house and rings the doorbell. His buddy opens the door and he has a giant orange head. "What happened to you?" the guy asks. "Come in," says his buddy.

The guy walks in the house and sees money laying everywhere and on the couch is smoking hot woman. "What the hell is this?" says the guy.

"Well," says his buddy, "I was walking home from work on Thursday and found a lamp. I picked it up, rubbed it, and out came a genie."

"The genie said, 'For freeing me, you get three wishes.' So first I wished for all this money, and POOF! here was all this money. Second, I wished for a foxy chick that I could marry and have babies with and we could spend all the money together, and POOF! here she was!"

The guy then says, "Okay, but what about your head?"

His buddy then says, "Well, for my third wish, I wished for a giant orange head... I admit it wasn't a very good wish."

MC Winkel

... found you on 25peeps, just wanted to say hi from germany! :)


Why are all of Taylor's jokes so bad that they're good?


I envy anyone who can remember jokes (even short ones) and/or card games, two things my brain is incapable of housing. Klingons. Well done. A former boss kept tapes of Klingon language in her office. She also prominently displayed a book called WOMEN WHO KILL. I loved working for her. Twas a riot.


Taylor's taste in jokes is questionable. For instance, he didn't like my Polish joke, which is a true gem.

I also have a hard time remembering jokes. I'd love to retell the aforementioned, but I can't recall how it starts. Perhaps Taylor could start us off and I'll deliver my punchline.


I'm always amazed at how many ways you can tell a "screw in a light bulb joke." By the way, what was the Polish Joke?

Carroll Shepherd

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This is a wicked joke, but you got the punchline slightly wrong. It's supposed to go "and for my third wish - and this is where i went really wrong - i wished for a giant orange head"

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