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Oops, I was a day ahead of myself, as usual. Fixed.


Thanks for the reminder, gF. I'll take advantage of this when I return to the Paul. Note to everyone: Avoid the coffee at MSP's E-Terminal D'Amico. Dear god. I'd discourage the microwave breakfast paninis too, but anyone with vision can see they're a bad idea. Those eggs may have been spray-on insulation. ...


And thanks for the warning about the MSP D'Amico.


Ah, I didn't know about this group. A fine idea, indeed.

And I certainly will admit to loving the breadsticks at the Olive Garden, but, like Krispy Kreme, they only do the one thing well, and they're only good when they're piping hot.


Thanks for the tip. My first (and, considering the size of my wallet, most likely last) time at Bellanotte was delish.




What was over-rated about Cafe DiNapoli? They were brilliant, in my opinion. My only complaint was one could not order dinner at the bar unless it was for takeout. Still, they poured a decent glass of Laphroaig and they had Summit EPA on tap. That's a winning combination! I wasn't that fond of Olive Garden but was rather surprised by their sudden departure. That must be one of those doom ed locations. At least New Delhi seems to be making a go of it at their formerly doomed location on 14th & Nicollet. I also worry about Shakers, which took over the old Triple Espresso, Etc, Kilted Coffee, Eat Street Cafe spot. They seemed to be doing well when I stopped by there last night for a post Saint Paddy's Disappointment Drink. I ended up closing the place down drinking $2 pints of Bells Two Hearted Ale (I like to pretend I'm Nick Adams while drinking it and speak only in terse sentences) and listening to a pretty decent jukebox band. I hope they make it. They have the same menu as TE,etc.

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