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Yes, of course I'll be your date. I'm flattered that you needed to post this on your blog because you were scared to ask me out directly. I guess that's true geek fashion.

Microsoft is one of my clients. Does that count as geeky? I also have the entire set of Vanilla Ice dolls.


Would a geek really bring a date? Maybe you should bring your mom. Does she have a blog yet?


We are not encouraging that venture, DeRusha.


I actually started 3 blogs -- then my computer went kaput -- now I have new computer but no time. Lex, thought for sure you would write about being at the Twins opener the other night. Who WERE all those guys? Maybe one of them is a possible Geek Date... I don't know why I comment on your blog before my 1st cup of coffee...


Fine, I didn't want to go anyway.


I don't know why you do either, Mother. I told you who all those text messages were from: Jerry, Tommy, Justin, Jake, and Mike.


Oh, baby. Do go dressed like Counselor Troi. I bet you'd look great in that getup. Did they refer to her as Counselor because she was a lawyer, or was she some kind of adviser?


I can't go, i'm married. But I love your daughter!


I was never cool enough to go to the real prom 12 years ago. I actually asked a girl I liked, and she stone cold shot me down. She actually chose not to go at all instead of with me. Ouch!

I scored some free tix, too. Had a date all lined up, but now she may not be able to go due to a work conflict (she's a nurse and got saddled with a shift for that night). She's trying to resolve it, but I may be dateless for the prom yet again. Karma's a bitch.


I've got the VIP passes too...and no date. The husband isn't having any of it. At least he'll be staying home with the little man (as usual he's my built-in babysitter). Nothing geekier than being dateless for the prom. Sigh.

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