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"The wrong-buttoned jacket was just killing me"

Totally! As a mom I kept wanting to reach over and fix it. But it was a nice touch. Between that and the Buffy-love, he should have been King!


I think perhaps the geekiest part of my photo is the incorrectly named "Dr." Spock martini. Duh. We all know it's Mr. Spock!


I can't seem to reconcile this on my own. Can an alleged "grasshopper drinking hipster" (zimmern's words, not mine) really be a geek too. Or would you say that:
1) Geekiness is a state of mind
2) You were returning to your geeky roots
3) You were just slumming it on saturday
4) You like to role play
5) Zimmern is way off base.


The naked geek w/ the tattoos has a nice ass.


Yeah-- I hope the readers of my blog who click over here aren't shocked by the nerd-ity.

Ah... who am I kidding? No one reads my blog.


Hot stuff.


For geeks, they appear to be some pretty wild and crazy guys and gals!


Great pics Girl. I would have liked to have gone just to watch all of the others get their geek on and have a great time.


Geoff, take your pick. Taylor and I were commenting on how the various outfits represented everyone's interpretations of the word "geek".


Yep. I just stayed true to myself, which is the geekiest thing I could think of.


Damn! Wish I would have known about this Geek Prom. Next year maybe. Love the site.

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Oh shit!!! The guys here are so crazy yay!

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