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Hehehe. You're good people, Alexis. I don't care what Lem says about you.




ew.really? I felt the same way when I saw a bubble skirt at Marshall Fields a few months ago. A wise woman once told me, "If you wore it the first time around pass on the second."


Good lord that woman in the white biking short on the Wikipedia link just bled the testosterone from me. Wrong, wrong wrong.


That's one of the better Microsoft Paint jobs I've ever seen.


Thank you, Taylor. I'm glad you admire my image editing skills, rather than teem with jealousy over them (LEM!).

Andrea Myers

Sing it, sister! Death to leggings! They were bad enough the first time around, when I was 8 and they were accompanied by an oversized NKOTB t-shirt that was belted at the waist.


Game recognize game, honey. You got the mad airbrushing skillz.


I heartily agree, and add, for god's sake, please stop wearing leggings or any other kind of pants with a freakin' SKIRT.

I don't care how fashionable they are right now, I'm also going to go with, "Just say no to gauchos." They do no one any favors.


Although I do like that photo... other than the pink leggings.


I was at Target today looking for a pair of dark brown sandals; I wore a white skirt and dark brown peasant top, and being unable to locate my white Enzos, was determined to rectify the horror of having to wear tan sandals with the outfit.

I looked at a pair of espadrilles, but a little voice in my head whispered to me, "Alexis commands you just say no to espadrilles." I put them back.

Now I'm wondering if I know what, technically, a true espadrille is.


I'm going on summer #3 with my red espadrille-style wedge sandals. I guess the only things that make them espadrille is the twine or rope or whatever the hell they make the heel out of, as well as the ties going up the ankle.

Have I been known to sh*t-talk the espadrille? I suppose the flat, canvas, round-toe espadrille is pretty disgusting. Grandma shoes.


Are tights leggings, or are they different somehow?


Tights are hosiery, like socks or stockings or pantyhose. You would wear them under a skirt or dress.


The wedge-heel espadrille is t3h kewt.

Leggings are kind of dorky on almost everybody.

I just got back from a vacation in Japan. The "NEW HOTNESS" on the streets of Harajuku and Shibuya is cowboy boots, especially with shorter skirts.

Looking at Shibuya is like looking into the future (only cuter), so be forewarned. The cowboy boot is probably coming.

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