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Do you, by any chance, do cat litter? Hell, I would kick that up to thirty an hour, and provide facemasks free of charge. I would do it myself, but that would get in the way of my drinking.




That gives me an idea. Alexis, would you come over and walk to the fridge every half hour and get me fresh beer? Grab one for yourself, as well. Now that's a service we could all use.


Sounds like you need a girlfriend-for-hire, mike. Do I really want to advertise that sort of thing?

Shogunmoon, replace the entire unit and we'll talk.


do i still have to pay the full $25 if it only takes 2 minutes???


Man... if ONLY we had just one cat box... try three.

One beer per half hour? That's it? heh heh. Maybe if it one of those Saporro King Cans or somethin'...


I have four cats right now, one of whom is both postpartum AND in heat, and two barely weaned kittens. I have to clean both litter boxes every day.

Fortunately, I have that wonderful timesaving device know n as a "teenager."


Hey, Alexis, you should charge more. People that can pay your fee of 25 can and would pay 35-50. And they should.


Hey, Brian -- you first.


Your right Brian! We are talking ALEXIS here people!!
Dear Lord!!


I don't need Girl Friday's services at the moment, but I know some people who probably do, which is to say, they are super-busy, really cool and nice, and have plenty of money.


Personal Touch Errands & Assistance offers a 20% discount to clients when they refer a friend!


Duly noted!

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