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It appears you have only one.


I should totally do one of these with my collection of Lexie pics.


"do it! do that thing! that looks like boobs tho...that ain't coo."

I love that you guys were listening to 'Billie Jean' during it. Hee!


Good work, Jess.

For the record, Rexie, I have three facial expressions, thankyouverymuch.


Marsh was at Stasiu's? Damn you kickball for wearing me out!


No no babe, Marsh was at the other event of the weekend that you missed, the Lucero show.


too bad the thieves didn't make off with the ugly peruvian jacket that Marsh has been wearing since his return.


hope i didn't creep you out too much by saying hello at Lucero :)


No! Not at all. I was all frazzled due to the SOLD OUT situation; I was trying to figure out how to get Janelle in once her plane landed. Ben asked if I needed help, but by the time she would've cabbed to the Triple Rock from the airport, he'd already be onstage and Big Pete wouldn't let her in by herself.

So my apologies for not being chatty. That place was a madhouse.


Nice pics and nice vid ^^ rofl :D


hook me up with that Jerry video, yo!

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