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The best ones always know how to drive a stick, and appreciate good cars. Me, I got a speeding ticket today.


I finally paid mine. 28 years old and my first ticket ever!


Where does one find this Switch?


Switch is at a lot of places, mostly coffee shops. I like the black cherry flavor.


I get it at Ho Foods.


I actually had Grape switch a couple of weeks ago and DAMN - it was grapey! Not like Welch's or the Blood of Christ, but like straight off the vine, kinda tart grape. Needless to say - I'll stick to the Lemonade with my sweet tooth.

FYI - Lunds sells them individually - but I think I saw them in 4 packs at Cecil's Deli also.


i love us people: "It's got a manual transmission and I can't believe how fast it picks up." :D :P welcome in the real world! ;)


It was more like a double observation. I know all about what those little European cars can do!


european?! ^^ :P

i understand what you want 2 say! but i like the formulation :D (hope you understand what i mean :))


Re: Godiva's Dark Chocolate Cold Chocolixir. I clicked the link. Sweet. Fancy. Crap. That looks like a chocogasm waiting to happen. One of those will be in my belly before the week is out.

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