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Ah, buckets. Things like Geek Prom make me terrified of getting drawn into a public performance. I know it's the whole point of things, but the true geek in me would just wilt. What a puss.

Have fun, and please take incriminating photos so that the quivering masses and I can relive that event in the safety of vicarious daydreams.


I'll be there! I can't promise any level of decked-outedness, tho.


It looks like my wife and I are in. Not sure on what to wear... she was excited to dress up and look cute. Then she looked deeper on the website and saw she had to dress like a geek. Less excited now.


hmm. if you go 2 geek prom you are populare/cool or what? we dont have geek prom so i dont know. plz explain ^^ i watch the hp and read it but i cant believe that people go to high school event at your age. i think i dont understand the message...


oh god, we have no idea what we're going to wear.
i may go as "Dr. Millennium."
yay Matt + Derusha! i'm still kicking your ass Derusha.
world-famous science blogger Pharyngula is going to be there too.


This is going to be sweet. Especially the video game competition and the trivia and the food.


After things looking dim, I will now be there. Was going to take my friend BJ, but she got scheduled for a shift tonight after someone quit (she's a nurse). I was able to find a last minute date, who is thrilled since she couldn't find anyone to go with. Though she claims she has nothing geeky to wear. C'mon! Nobody's THAT cool.


I retract any earlier expressions of doubt that I would be appropriately geektastic. I promise to be positively adorkable.


Geek-o-riffic 'twas. Was nice meeting you, Alexis. And weird in a way...like I said, it was my first time meeting folks from the local blogosphere.


I'm genuinely curious how it was. I almost decided to go this year, batted the idea around in my head for a while, was even presented with discount tickets though my Mn Orchestra hookup, but didn't go for it. Perhaps next year. There's a lack of descriptions and pictures online, damnit.


So gimme pics.


I didn't go, but needless to say...I was there in spirit.



There'll be pics. But I forgot my digicam, so I had to buy a disposacam. I wasn't even sure those still existed, but sure enough. It may take me a few months to finish the roll, tho.

Brian Pitera

Hey, Girl Friday, I saw your picture on the Chucumentary and I must say, you look sensational. So, what was in the flask?

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