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Dude, it's not even a fair contest between you two. How can he be more metal...you have a frikin blade.

Hottt (three t's for emphasis)


Ha, that second picture is awesome. I like you best when you're looking goofy.

That's a neat dress, too. I think Amy's going to ape it for her annual CONvergence duct tape outfit.


You're crazy.


I'd like to see the photos of the family DeRusha.


433: the "dress" is actually a few pieces that I already owned. One little black skirt from Charlotte Russe or some such store (I believe you've seen this item in other Alexis costume creations), one BCBG sleeveless mesh top with a scoop neckline, and one silver bra-type thing with eyelets that I bought about ten years ago at Frederick's. Accessorize with fishnets, armwarmers, and one d'k tagh, and voila! Klingon Groupie.


Jesus. Is there a Klingon word for "booty call"? I'm just.. you know.. wondering.


Taylor asked. And here you are. Enjoy, the DeRusha Geeks!


Bravo! Someday, DeRusha. Someday.


A man can dream...


Neato, it actually looks like it all goes together, like it's something you got at Lip Service or Hot Topic or one of those places.

(like I can tell what's what)


The slow blade penetrates geek.


Am I the only one who noticed that the blade handle, especially where you are wearing it, looks more than a little bit phallic?

In the top picture, it's almost like the caption could read, "Yeah... He's mah bitch!"


GAH. You had to go and point that out, Dave? Now I can no longer enjoy what was once a lovely picture of me and my friend. Thanks a lot.

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